Main works in English

Taro Tsurumi, "Jewish Liberal, Russian Conservative: Daniel Pasmanik between Zionism and the Anti-Bolshevik White Movement," Jewish Social Studies 21(1), 2015.

Taro Tsurumi, "'Neither Angels, Nor Demons, But Humans': Anti-Essentialism and Its Ideological Moments among the Russian Zionist Intelligentsia," Nationalities Papers 38(4), 2010.

Taro Tsurumi, "Was the East Less Rational than the West?: The Meaning of "Nation" for Russian Zionism in Its "Imagined Context"," Nationalism and Ethnic Politics 14(3), 2008.

Eds. with Yukiko Tatsumi, Publishing in Tsarist Russia: A History of Print Media from Enlightenment to Revolution (Bloomsbury, 2020).

Eds. with Benjamin Nathans and Kenneth Moss, From Europe's East to the Middle East: Israel's Russian and Polish Lineages (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2021 forthcoming).

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