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Tips for writing / 論文執筆の豆知識


Page number-span elision rule (whether 450-1 or 450-51, 318-9 or 318-19)

- The Chicago style leaves at least two digits (but not like 05 but 5, so like 101-5, not 101-05), and the Oxford style cuts as many digits as possible.

- In both cases, bear in mind how the numbers are spoken: e.g. 100-1 is bad because it is confusing ("one hundred and one" could mean 101), so write 100-101; 212-3 is also bad because it's odd to read "two hundred twelve and three" (it should be "two hundred twelve and thirteen," so 212-13)




100-1と書くと、一見どちらのルールにも沿っているが、one hundred and oneと読むので、101と区別がつかなくなる。ゆえに、100-101と表記する。また、teenも注意。twelve and threeという言い方はせず、twelve and thirteenとしか言えないので、212-3ではなく212-13となる。

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